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Manifold Plates

Manifold plates from STEINEL are suitable for high-density tools with high force requirements in a small space.

They consist of multiple nitrogen cylinders and a control panel, which are connected to one another via boreholes in the lower plate. As with tube composite systems, this ensures uniform system pressure and a larger nitrogen volume, resulting in a flatter force curve. Composite plates from STEINEL are particularly compact and reliable.

Spare parts and accessory parts ST 8845


Pos. Designation Order number Designation Order number
valid for ST 8845-01 / ST 8845-32 / ST 8845-80 optionally deviating for ST 8845-02
1 Manometer 250 bar ST 8848-M250 Manometer 600 bar ST 8845-M600
2 Inlet valve ST 8845-EVG18
3 Outlet valve ST 8090.5
4 Burst protection ST 8844-180 Burst protection ST 8844-450
5 Locking screw 1/2"-20 UNF ST 8842-012
6 Protection plate incl. 2 x Pos. 6.1 ST 8845-SP
7 Locking screw G1/8 ST 8842-G18
8 Locking screw G1/4 ST 8842-G14

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