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Metric Guide Units

STEINEL guide units are highly precise and, with loading capacities of up to 8,750 N/cm for roller guides, they are highly resilient. Number of strokes up to 800 strokes for bronze-coated sliding guides and sliding speeds of max. 40 m/min for ball guides guarantee maximum productivity.

All of STEINEL's ball and roller guides are pre-loaded and absolutely free of clearance. Using precision steel balls and profile rollers of the same sort guarantees top precision. Thanks to fixed sizes, ball and roller cages are freely interchangeable in one and the same guide.

For high force absorption, we rely on a high density of load-bearing balls or rollers. In the case of uniform force distribution, individual ball and roller rows are offset against each other.

Nitrogen Gas Springs SZ 7080.2.B

Nitrogen Gas Springs SZ 7080.2.B extra heavy load, with integrated burst protection



STEINEL nitrogen cylinders SZ 7080.2.B are filled with standard nitrogen. Nitrogen N2 is a neutral, non-hazardous gas.

Special features:

  • Integrated burst protection
  • Each nitrogen cylinder forms a functional, closed unit (autonomous nitrogen cylinder)
  • Maximum force in the smallest of spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • No spring breakage
  • Recommended stroke reserve of 10%
  • No mechanical preload is necessary
  • Easy to use


  • By using a burst screw, the nitrogen cylinder is protected from overpressure damage
  • Prevents consequential damage to nitrogen cylinder and tool
  • After replacement of the burst screw, a nitrogen cylinder can be filled and used again
  • Integrated part

Information for users:

  • If the burst pressure is surpassed, forced ventilation occurs and the working pressure is released
  • Following breakage, burst screws are unusable
  • Burst screws are labelled with the burst pressure, which is legible even following breakage
  • An activated burst screw can be replaced by trained personnel

Order example: Nitrogen cylinder SZ 7080.2. with a D = 50 mm and a stroke of 100 mm. Addition 050 x 100 B Order number SZ 7080.2.050 x 100 B

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