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Nitrogen Gas Springs SZ 8080.2

Nitrogen Gas Springs SZ 8080.2



STEINEL nitrogen cylinders SZ 8080.2. are filled with standard nitrogen. Nitrogen N2 is a neutral, non-hazardous gas.

Special features:

  • Each nitrogen cylinder forms a functional, closed unit (autonomous nitrogen cylinder)
  • Maximum force in the smallest of spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • No spring breakage
  • Recommended stroke reserve of 10%
  • No mechanical preload is necessary
  • Easy to use


Nitrogen cylinders with a diameter of 50 mm or more have a valve on the side that is closed with a sealing plug. If not explicitly stated otherwise, the nitrogen cylinder will be delivered in filled condition. The valve must be removed if the nitrogen cylinder is to be connected to others. To do this, empty the nitrogen cylinder by means of the discharging screw SZ 7046.7 and screw out the valve with the valve key K100-000-0300. If the nitrogen cylinder is not immediately linked to others, close the connection with the sealing plug. Nitrogen cylinders specifically designed for being used in a multiple-cylinder system, even with diameters starting at 38 mm, are listed in the section Nitrogen cylinders V, VB and VZ.

Order example: Nitrogen cylinder SZ 8080.2. with a D = 50 mm and a stroke of 100 mm. Addition 050 x 100 Order number SZ 8080.2.050 x 100

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