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Nitrogen Gas Springs: Burst Protection

As of now, all STEINEL nitrogen cylinders are available upon request with a safety system for pressure release.

Nitrogen Gas Springs: Burst Protection

With a commitment to continually developing new technologies and products that enhance the already superior quality of their tools, Steinel has created a pressure release system for their line of nitrogen gas cylinders for extra safety and protection of vital parts.

This unique and helpful feature consists of a curved burst disc, which will burst when the specified pressure is surpassed and make way for an opening used for releasing pressure.

Advantages of the pressure release, nitrogen gas cylinder burst protection system

  • By using a burst screw, the nitrogen cylinder is protected from overpressure damage.
  • Prevents consequential damage to nitrogen cylinder and tool.
  • After replacement of the burst screw, a nitrogen cylinder can be filled and used again.
  • Integrated part.
  • Retrofitting of existing nitrogen cylinders is possible by replacing the base.

Application fields

  • Nitrogen cylinders from outer diameter 32mm.
  • Possible in combination with all V bases.

Information for users

  • If the burst pressure is surpassed, forced ventilation occurs and the working pressure is released.
  • Following breakage, burst screws are unusable.
  • Burst screws are labelled with the burst pressure, which is legible even following breakage.
  • An activated burst disc can be replaced by trained personnel.

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Written by Dale Johnson, Posted in Champion Tools Blog, Product Development and Technology

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