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Call Us At: 1 (866) 957-9993

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  • Steinel Die Components

    German Precision and micro ground finish per DIN and ISO Standards for the Stamping and Mold Industries.  Now available in "INCH" !! Read More
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    Our Champion-Steinel team is ready to assist you with your unique application and design as well. Next time you have a difficult problem and need help to come to a best solution, give us a call!    Read More
  • NEW! DieMatrix 6.0!

    DieMatrix is a POWERFUL and EASY to use database software application. ESTIMATES the cost of metal stamping dies and production stamped parts IN MINUTES.   Read More
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12 great gadgets and die components

A dozen small items smooth stamping operations in a big way

Sometimes it’s the small items that make your workday easier. Standard die components with incremental improvements, such as roller cages with cylindrical rollers, and special gadgets, such as auto-indexing dimplers, can help smooth the stamping process and extend uptime.

“It’s the small things that … (insert your own ending here).” When it comes to uptime, sometimes it’s the small items that can make your workday easier. Following are many small devices that you may find helpful. Some of these are incremental improvements to standard die components; others are special gadgets that simply smooth the stamping process to extend uptime.

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  • Roller Cages +

    Roller cages are specially designed with cylindrical rollers instead of ball bearings.  This greatly increases the surface area of the Read More
  • Super Duster Collector +

    Offers a Wide Range of Applications Easy to move for such a large powerful dust collector, the "Super Dust Collector" Read More
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